Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Union Goons at Their Finest

You have to wonder how long it will be before a union thug actually kills someone. This was a case of luck. Twelve inches down or to the right and this doesn’t get interviewed.

See the interview here.

Someone form the pro union side might ask why don’t I ask the same question regarding the folks on the rights. Well, I guess what you’ll have to do is point out to me some ACTUAL cases of violence from right. There is plenty of talk about how violent and racist the Tea Party is, but there are no actual provable cases.

You are always hearing from the left about how the right is violent and that we use heated rhetoric. The last I saw, nobody from the Tea Party has been actually accused of beating someone who didn’t agree with a Tea Party stance. I have never heard of people who were not union shooting at the owners of a union-run shop. Have you ever heard about people from the Tea Party threatening a school superintendent as he tries to save the school district money? You never hear about a conservative politician saying “you’re f------g dead” to a member of the opposition. Somebody needs to point out to me the last time a Republican politician called for blood in the streets.

Now we have graduated from threats of deadly violence to an actual attempt on someone’s life. At what point in time will President Obama step in and tell his supporters that enough is enough? Mr. Obama, does somebody actually have to die for you to say something to your supporters about the hateful rhetoric they spew? What is it going to take for you to show some leadership and take those people to the woodshed for the ass-chewing they deserve?

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