Saturday, August 13, 2011

GOP Front Runners

The way I see this race for the Republican nomination is that is comes down to four people. Michelle Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Thad Perry. As we get a little deeper into the race, I plan on doing an in depth on each candidate, but for now, just want to give you some thoughts.

Mitt Romney: Not a fan, as most of you already know. There is just something too slick about him to make me feel comfortable. He is very polished. Does well in front of crowds. Has all kinds of money filling the coffers. Kind of a Republican version of Barack Obama. Topping it off, he has made some decisions in the past that I am completely against. First and foremost is his support of a universal health care system while he was governor of Mass. I am not sure we can trust him to overturn Obama care once he is in office. We have one shot at getting rid of Obama care, and 2012 is it. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it will be hard to put it back. On the plus side, he is very experienced in both politics and business. If he is still running when the Washington State caucuses come around, I will NOT vote for him, but will if he in the Republican nominee.

Michelle Bachmann: I do like her although she might be even more to the right than I am. My mom, who has been a mainstream democrat all her life probably, thinks Bachmann is an extremist. Although her record is a little on the scant side, she does have experience. Certainly more than the dude currently sitting in the White House. She is going to have a little trouble with the main stream press, ah la the Sarah Palin treatment. Conservative women don’t have any friends in the main stream press.

Rick Perry: He is going to make the race interesting. He has a proven track record. He certainly has the state of Texas locked up, both in the primaries and in the national race. That he could push Romney to second place with some effort is a very real possibility. He placed sixth in the Iowa straw vote today despite not even being on the ballot.

Thad McCotter: Does the rock and roll Representative from Detroit stand a chance? If he is able to get his message out and can get that message out ahead of the press’ attempts to bring him down, he has a chance. I think he has a lot of what folks on the right are looking for. He has traditional values, but doesn’t really beat you over the head. He has some smarts, which can be both a plus and minus. Obama is supposedly smart, but tell me how that has worked out for us. He also has experience, unlike a certain democrat candidate back in 2012.

The other declared candidates really don’t stand a snowball’s chance in a hot place. Some have the message but not the means in which to deliver it. Others don’t have a message, but have the means to deliver, well, umm, basically nothing.

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