Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Hold Majority

Good news from Wisconsin as the Republicans were able to hold onto the majority in the state legislature. Democrats were able to take two of the six seats up for recall, one short of what was needed to switch the majority.

By-the-by, here is a flow-chart from the MacIver Institute showing where the liberal/progressive/democrat money came from to support these recall elections. BTW, the MacIver Institute did an absolutely bang-up job of covering the whoe Wisconsin public unions meltdown last winter. If you want to review, you should spend some time there. They also do a pretty good job of showing the savings that have occurred since Gov Walker was able to get the bill passed.

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(h/t: Michelle Malkin).

There are some estimates that as much as $30 million was spent by democrat supporters.

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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!! It is about time for the people of Wis. to take back their state......I am over the top excited to see that these people can see through the intimidation tactics of the LEFT and the union thugs......Having lived in Wis. for most of my growing up life and for years after, I am proud of all of them. After all the John Birch Society is in Appleton...Progressives/socialists/call them what you will, have been in power for far toooooo long and it is now time for "We the People" I hope that the rest of the country has waken up from the kool aid stupor they have been in!!!!!
    Have a great time with your sons fishing.
    Sandy in NC