Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Just Phone in More Entitlement Programs

This is just plain stupid. How in the heck does anyone think that having a cell phone is some sort of Constitutional right? Do we need to go back before the years cell phones became available and put all those people “in charge” in jail for civil rights violations because they didn’t provide this service in the past?

Just another example why we cannot trust politicians with our money. They knuckleheads keep adding to the entitlement programs. Do they not see that the supply on money is finite? Is someone going to poop a bucketful of cash to pay for all of these programs? Just a few days after struggling to pass an increase in the debt ceiling because we have to borrow money to keep the government running, somebody thought spending more money on an entitlement program would be a good idea? Geesh, my head hurts.


  1. I actually saw a commercial for the "free" "emergency" phones for the "poor" at my Mom's house a few months ago and I almost hurled. Went to the website to check into it and it includes 250 minutes a month. What emergency requires you to talk on a cell phone for TWO HUNDRED and FIFTY minutes a month?


    Next they will be giving away "Free" cable tv so welfare freeloaders aren't denied their right to watch trash on television.

  2. Carolyn, how much you ant to bet that most fo the folks that are going get these "fre" phones already have phones. And never mind the cable TV, most so-called poor already have cable TV.

    The poor these days are not the poor of the old days. Our welfare system is probably one fo the most corrupt government programs going right now