Monday, January 24, 2011

Assassination and the Media

Not too long ago a near tragedy occurred when the life of a Democrat politician was nearly taken by a deranged young man. The would-be killer came from the audience and in a brazen attack, almost succeeded in taking the life of a popular politician. You might think I am speaking about the Tragedy that nearly took the life of Congresswoman Giffords, and did take the lives of six others. No, I am referring to the assassination attempt on Missouri Gov Jay Nixon.

Late last summer, Casey Brezik, came from the audience in an attempt to kill Gov Nixon, but you have probably never heard of this event. The problem was Brezik didn’t fit the lame stream media’s narrative for folks that would make an attempt on a politician’s life. He wasn’t a conservative. He was an (according to American Thinker) environmental extremist, anti-capitalist, anti-Zionist and a whole bunch of leftist “isms”.

I did a search at the NY Times, Washington Post, and using Brezik and each case came back with “No Results Found”.  Meanwhile, doing a search using Giffords I came up with the following results; Washington Post: 665, NY Times: 10,000+ (including Krugman’s piece that attempts to blame the right), Politico: 297.

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