Monday, January 24, 2011

Kitsap Sheriff's Deputies Involved with Shooting

Two Kitsap County sheriff’s deputies were shot yesterday in Port Orchard, WA. Port Orchard is just up the road from where I live. (UPDATE: Seems Salt Lake City officials have been looking for the suspected Prot Orchard gunman). The two deaths are the gunman, shot by a third deputy and what looks to be the gunman’s possible girlfriend. My family and I have spent time in the area before, taking my sons to their soccer and baseball games.  If seems that those in law enforcement are under the gun recently, Michelle Malkin has a good run down of the shootings that have occurred in recent days.

Based on all the reports that I have seen so far on the Port Orchard shooting, it looks to be a clearly defined case of a justified law enforcement shooting.  However, here is an interesting series of stories that I have been following over at Confederate Yankee. Seems late last year a fellow named Eric Scott was shot and killed by the Las Vegas PD. The stories point out there are more than just a few questions as to why and how it happened. There are several articles and it will take you a while to read it all, but more than worth your time.

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