Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Want the 112th Congress to Do (Part 1)

Well, today is the big day. The 112th Congress will be sworn in today. The day the House of Representatives comes back to the people, when it will truly be known as “The People’s House”. What a landslide the Nov elections were and I won’t detail that here.  But I would like to cover some of what I’d like to see them try to accomplish.

I am well aware that the Senate and the White House still belong to the Dems and also know that getting much done will be difficult at best but a guy can hope.

1. The repeal of the Unconstitutional Obama Care. Looking back at this monstrosity of a bill I firmly believe there should be charges of deception filed against some members of Congress for the way they got this bill passed. It was shady and underhanded. The Dem leadership knew they couldn’t pass the bill under normal circumstances to they had to rely on a tactic that has only been used to pass government funding bills. Other underhanded deals included the attempted “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase” And the aftermath, with Pelosi and her crew marching through the streets like they were some sort of victorious army, was appalling.

This bill is so bad, many industries and unions are requesting waivers from the employer mandates. According to information on Michelle Malkin’s web site the number of waiver granted by the Obama administration for avoiding employer mandates is up to 222. (7 Dec 2010)

Today, the presumptive House leadership placed on-line their one line bill to attempt to repeal. There are several other lines one the bill, but mostly just typical Congressional gobbledygook that has to go on the paper.

“To Repeal the job-killing health care law and health care related provisions in the Health Care and Education reconciliation Act of 2010.”

Some of the dems are already out there are tripping over their tongues trying to paint this attempt as an attack on all things American or hypocritical.

There are some other reasons to get rid of this bill, but my number one focus is loss of freedom by unilateral action by a small group of elites. Most of you probably remember the brouhaha over the so-called death panels (Palin brought this to light). It caused such a ruckus that it was removed from the original bill. It has made its way back through efforts of Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Under provisions within Obama Care Sebelius has the authority to implement this bill pretty much any way she sees fits. Apparently she saw fit that the end-of-life counseling should be paid through Medicare as part of Obama care annual wellness visits (thanks Neal Boortz).  National Review’s Rich Lowry has a great summation of the fast one pulled by the HHS Sec’s Office.
- One of the more scary things about this is Oregon Rep Earl Blumenauer (Dem) told his folks “not to broadcast this accomplishment out to any of your list, even if they are ‘supporters’ -- e-mails can too easily too forwarded”. Talk about your 1984 moment.  To think a Congressional Representative would actually instruct his staffers not to publish this sends shivers down my spine. I’d be curious if the lefties in the great state of Oregon might be having some second thoughts about supporting a guy who would actually try to keep from the American people just what is happening in Washington DC? Being originally from OR, and knowing what a lot of people are like, especially those from around the Portland area, I’m going to guess they are not concerned about the method as long as the results are justified.

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