Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I Want the 112th Congress to Do (Part 3)

3. The wars. I don’t care what you want to call the operations in Iraq, we are still in a state of war in that country. As recently as 3 Jan 2011, there were two soldiers killed during operations in Iraq. The death toll has decrease dramatically in the last year or so, but people are still dying. But there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel. Iraqi Security Forces are being trained and we should depart by the end of the year.  
And Afghanistan is a complete mess. The Karzai Gov’t is corrupt beyond all reason. We are tossing billions into that country and a lot of it is unaccounted for. See Here, and here, and here. President Obama’s strategy is without focus. He won’t listen to his commanders on the ground. He fired a true warrior because he spoke his mind. In Afghanistan, Pres Obama is doing one thing right by increasing the use of RPVs to hunt down and kill the bad guys. This is his war now and he needs to act like it.

I don’t think we should depart, but I do think we need to get the resources to the soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Seaman fighting these wars, finish it and come home.

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