Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is California Really Golden Anymore?

My lovely bride of 19 years is from California and would like to move back there someday. I can’t really argue with her reasons. Her family lives there, including our daughter. The rain and gray of the PACNW does depress her somewhat. The summers here can be short and start late while it is endless summer in San Diego.

I do like to point out that MY family lives in this area. That all the rain keeps things green year-round and we don’t have to evacuate likes the folks do when the annual fire season kicks off in California. We actually have rivers that have water in them all year long. We don’t have to worry about water rationing. We don’t have the smog issues.

Here are 22 more reasons not to live in the state of California. Here are a couple of examples:

California has the highest state sales tax rate in the nation by far at 8.25%. Indiana has the next highest at 7% (PACNW adds; some areas are even higher with cities and municipalities adding additional percentages).

Residents of California pay the highest gasoline taxes (over 66 cents per gallon) in the United States.

Residents of California pay some of the highest electricity prices in the entire nation.

These are just three of the 22. Read the rest here.

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