Friday, January 14, 2011

Palin Speaks, Tweeters are Chirping

There have been all kinds of fallout over Palin’s video. The left is tripping all over themselves trying to outdo each other with condemnation of what she said and how she said it (here, here, and here).  She is also now getting death threats. Someone has compiled a YouTube video of the tweets, which will probably be pulled shortly. I have included here just in case it gets pulled from YouTube. Be advised, the language in the video is very coarse. Their mothers would not be proud of them.

How much do you want to bet that if leading political figure on the left were receiving death threats this would be all over the news, but Palin gets them and all that is heard is chirping.

   I have a friend who is a card carrying liberal who cannot stand Palin. When I ask her to explain the reasons for her dislike of Palin, the answer is not very articulate. The answer basically comes across as "I just do". When I point out to her that Palin has a successful career, by all appearances is a great mom, has a strong marriage, and is a well rounded individual, just about everything that a feminist could love, she says Palin doesn't support abortion. But I point out to her that feminists are pro-choice, the right to choose whether to end the baby’s life. The Palin’s discussed abortion when she found out the Trig would be born with Downs Syndrome but made the CHOICE to have Trig. Seems to me that the feminists would cheer her on for having and doing all of that.

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