Thursday, January 13, 2011

Palin Speaks, Liberals Harp

Last night, I posted the previous post would be the last on the Tucson shootings and the attempted assassination of Rep Giffords because it felt a little ghoulish to me to keep harping on how the left is trying to spin the whole situation. But Sarah Palin broke her silence and again the unhinged left-wing media couldn’t help themselves. Some days you just gotta wonder if the crap is ever going to stop.

At ABCNews there was a comparison between Palin’s speech that was posted on her facebook page and President Obama’s speech in Tucson last night (I’ll discuss his speech in another post). What I find most telling is that Michael Falcone and Amy Walter tried to do a side-by-side comparison. I thought this was a little unfair. Obama was expected to speak, he wanted to speak, and the nation needed him to speak. Palin, on the other hand, was attempting to push back at the pundits and progressive politicians that tried to lay the blame for the shooting at her feet.

Two things stand out in the article for me. This sentence is a little misleading to me. Whether it was done with intent or just because it was easier to write, I don’t know:
“ …if she didn’t address the debate swirling around her target map she just as quickly have been accused of ducking the tough questions.”

In this sentence they simultaneously give her credit for addressing probably the most contentious issue (the map) and neglected to tell the reader that “her target map” was not first ever used. Over the past several years, these types of maps with bull’s-eyes, crosshairs, and whatnot have been used by both sides of the political spectrum. To not point this out was at best careless on Falcone’s and Walter’s part and at worst, done with intent.

Secondly, Falcone and Walter write:
“Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story.”

What a compete load of crap. Krugman, the Daily Kos, and other progressive media types made her part of the story from the beginning by their attempts to blame her and her words as the reason for the killings. What was she supposed to do, just stand by while the left-wing media trashed her yet again? This is a moment in our history people will remember for a long time. It’s certainly NOT the Kennedy assassinations, the Challenge Disaster, MLK’s death, or 9-11. It is at that next level below (Elvis dies, Nixon resigns, Mi Lai murders). People are going to remember how Palin responded to the attacks. Whether she did well or not will be determined down the road.

Over at CBS News, they too attempted to attach the “Palin crosshairs” to the shootings by saying they “…are related to the level of divisiveness in the country”. Again, there is no attempt to educate the reader that the crosshairs and bulls-eyes have been used before by both parties.

In closing out the article (opinion piece?), Dan Faber, who is the author, says:
“It’s time for Palin and others engaged in the democratic process to stand back and consider the full impact of their words and images.”

Who are these others? Why didn’t he name names? And why did he have to single out Palin as if she was the one leading the charge?

Meanwhile, over at NBC News, Andrea Mitchell is calling Palin ignorant for not knowing what ‘blood libel’ means. The link to the video is actually at Real Clear Politics. Based on the definition of what the term means (false accusations), I think Palin’s use of the term is appropriate and I’d bet the farm she knew exactly what she was saying. Even Alan Dershowitz has chimed in with his defense of “Palin’s use of the term”.

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