Monday, October 10, 2011

California, The Leading Nanny State

Well, California is at it again. As a nanny state, California has both figuratively and literally broken the bank. Their record for stupid liberal decisions is well documented here and all across the web. Yet despite the evidence of their continuing stupidity, they keep on keepin’ on.

Just recently, Gov Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown signed legislation that bans tanning beds for those under the age of eighteen. This is outright ban, regardless of whether there is parental permission. The state of California doesn’t think that someone who is 17 can make good decisions. And as the father of a 17-year old, I happen to agree with that sentiment. However, there is a reason why 16- and 17-year old kids have parents: So they can make informed decisions about the choices their teenagers want to make. Taking away that responsibility from the parents and giving it to the state is what I am have trouble with. Why oh why do liberals and progressive think they are so much smarter than everyone else that they have to pass laws that further whittles away at parental rights? Is it not my responsibility and my right to raise my children how I see best? If I want to allow my teenager to get a suntan via a tanning bed, that is my right. But it also my responsibility to make sure that my kids are not done any harm, so I wouldn’t allow them too anyway. It still galls me that the state of California thinks they can raise my kids better than I can.

Often, the wounds inflicted on California are done by the idiots in Sacramento.

But every once in a while, the citizens themselves act like a bunch of loons.

BACKGROUND: In California, abortion providers are not required to notify parents if their daughter comes in for an abortion or for the treatment of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Abortion providers are also not required to notify law enforcement (or they are not prosecuted if they neglect to do so) if the underage girl’s pregnancy is due to sex with an adult male, whether consensual or not. And there are toothless and unenforced against abortion providers who cover up these crimes.

From The New American:

The Prop 4 advocates claim: “On a daily basis, older men exploit young girls and use secret abortions to cover up their crimes.” They also point to numerous documented examples in which abortion providers, especially Planned Parenthood, engaged in criminal activity by covering up the rapes and statutory rapes by the adult predators. How serious is the problem? In her testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in June, 2004, Professor Teresa Collett noted:

In a study of over 46,000 pregnancies by school-age girls in California, researchers found that “71%, or over 33,000, were fathered by adult post-high-school men whose mean age was 22.6 years, and average of 5 years older than the mothers… even among junior high school mothers aged 15 or younger, most births are fathered by adult men 6-7 years their senior. Men aged 25 or older father more births among California school-age girls than do boys under 18.” Other studies have found that most teenage pregnancies are the result of predatory practices by men who are substantially older. (Source: The New American)

In the excerpt above was a mention of Proposition 4, which if approved by the voters, would have forced abortion clinics, even those run by Planned Parenthood, to notify the parents if a girl under the age of 18 wanted to receive an abortion.

As for the self-inflicted wounds, voters rejected this proposition. It amazes me that the people of a state that prides itself on its free-wheeling lifestyle and supposed opened-mindedness would allow the state government to further rip away parental rights. But what would expect from a state that forces history classes to teach historical contributions of homosexuals at the exclusion of other more prominent historical figures.

To the people of California: Do you not care that a cadre of progressives has seized your state and turned into a cesspool of intolerance? Do you not see these people are stripping away your rights bit by bit? Do you now see these progressive have spent you into complete oblivion? How can you sit idly by and watch was once a great state turn into such a lousy place to live and raise children.


  1. So at what point will the state start regulating how many hours of sunlight our children receive and have a "Sunscreen Czar" at every beach? Isn't sitting on the beach in the sun for four or more hours just as dangerous as a fifteen-minute stint in the tanning bed?

  2. Not only did he sign this, he also at the same time signed AB499 which allows children as young as 12 to decide to get the Guardasil vaccination if they want. No parental notification or permission. So children can choose to get a potentially deadly vaccine (this one has killed)without parental consent, but they cannot use a tanning bed even with parental consent? WOW. Glad we left that cesspool of a nanny state.

  3. The tough part for me is that my wife is from California and she has every intention of returning at some point. She does not like where we are now. But of course, if you grow up in San Diego, the weather spoils you and every place else fails in comparison.