Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Homeless Shelter Wants Gates to Give More Money

With the recent steep cuts in our state’s budget, one of the services impacted is homeless shelters. As the weather begins to turn colder, more folks are requiring the services of homeless shelter. But there is a problem. Due to budget cuts, the shelters have had to reduce the number of beds available which is forcing people to sleep outside.

If you happened to walk by the Bill & Belinda Gates Foundation Monday night, you would have noticed a whole lot of people sleeping on the sidewalks.

The reason: Seattle homeless shelter Share/Wheel wants to know why the Gates Foundation is focused on helping communities thousands of miles away when there are people in need literally on its doorstep.

“When one is denied a fair chance at the basics of life – food, shelter and clothing – in a land of plenty such as ours, it is only fair and just to stand up peacefully and ask for better,” the shelter said in an online statement. (Source: Seattle PI)

Basically, they are asking for the Gate Foundation to pony up some more money.

Here is the kicker:

…the Gates Foundation responded, saying $100 million has been donated to Puget-Sound homeless programs. (Source: Seattle PI and KIRO News)

$100 million dollars to homeless programs in the local area? How much more do these people want? While I certainly am not advocating that we just dump these people on the street, how can $100 million go to such a waste? I have no idea whether or not the Gates Foundation is mulling over donating more money to these shelters, but after giving that much money I can certainly see why there might be some hesitation on the Foundation’s part.

I happen to think the Gates Foundation is one of the great philanthropic organizations around. They have donated billions to causes around the world, with education and health being a focal point. I tip my hat to Bill and Belinda for this effort.

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