Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reeducation Camps?

Earlier this week I put up a brief post asking the question whether or not President Obama would do what NC Gov Perdue suggested and cancel the upcoming elections. I really do not think that Obama would go so far as to do something that dramatic, although he has not really been a friend of the Constitution. So you might say that I am not much for conspiracy theories.

Saying that, please take a gander at the video posted above and let me know what you think. The video here is part one of two parts; click through to get the second one. The video does make a compelling argument there might be something fishy going on. The Obama administration has already come out publically, stating that people who are against a large federal government, and have right-leaning tendencies, could and should be on a government watch list. I guess that would make most of my readers domestic terrorists.

I have occasionally watched Jesse Ventura’s old show, Conspiracy Theory, and he can be a bit over the top. But just because he might be off-target doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t consider what he has to say.

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