Monday, October 3, 2011

Volts Falls Short Yet Again

The Chevy Volt continues to be an utter failure for Obama Motors (aka General Motors). Only 723 Volts were sold last month.

General Motors has repeatedly claimed a sales target for 2011 of 10,000 units for the plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt sedan. But, nine months into the year, they’ve only shipped 3,895 off the lot. In fact, in September sales numbers, released an hour ago, GM sold only 723 Volts. Will GM fail to meet its own sales predictions? (Source: Jalopnik)

To reach their predicted goal, GM will need to sell more than 2,000 units over the next three months. So far, no month in 2011 has even come close to this number.

Since you the taxpayer have such a large stake in GM due to the bailout of GM’s unions, this should concern you. How is Obama spending your money (it is your money). Tax dollars for tacking bees, and money to solar panel factories, and even more money to failed automakers should be something you need to consider.

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