Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Terrorist Kill Their Own

One of the scariest things about Islamist terrorist is their complete lack of anything close to a conscience. They will kill anyone at anytime and at any place.

Just yesterday, militants in Somalia set off a bomb at the education ministry that killed at least 70 people.

Al-Qaida-linked militants launched their deadliest single bombing in Somalia on Tuesday, killing 70 people and demonstrating how the group that blocked aid to famine victims can still mount devastating violence even after most of its fighters fled the capital in August.

A truck loaded with drums of fuel exploded outside the Ministry of Education on one of central Mogadishu’s busiest streets, where student and their parents were registering for scholarships offered by the Turkish government.

Rebels of the al-Shabab militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying it was striking government officials and foreigners – referring to African Union peacekeeping troops supporting the UN-backed regime (Source: Associated Press via The Daily Beast)

This is just beneath contempt. Killing innocent civilians who want a better life marks these people as less than human. To think they would kill fellow Muslims who were hoping to get an education provided by a Muslim country defies comprehension. I guess these militants realize that the only way for them to stay in any sort of power is to keep the general population from understanding that education is the way out of poverty and failure. As long as the average Muslim is not allowed to develop critical thinking and reasoning, these murders will hold sway.

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