Saturday, October 22, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and the Jews


You really should drop by Doug’s blog, American Power Blog. He has a very good post on the anti-Semitism that is running through the Occupy Wall Street movement in particular and the progressive movement in general. I have asked several times over the last year (here, here, here, and here) why Jewish Americans vote for democrat politicians time after time when these dems are so heavily tied to the progressive movement. I have to receive an answer.

Anyway, Doug’s post is a must read for anyone who wants to know more about how the progressives feel about Jewish folks.

The key thing about the rash of anti-Semitism we’ve seen out of Occupy Wall Street is not that it’s shocking, but so mainstream. I’m not shocked at all by it. I write about this stuff all the time. One reason progressive work so hard to shut me down and shut down this blog is because I continually and relentless (sic) shine a light of moral approbation of the Jew-hatred. Not enough people do this, in my opinion. People must think that anti-Semitism lingers only in the extreme fringes of the aging millenarian right-wing, the last gasp of a few Nazis…


  1. Thanks for the link. I've updated with your post over at my place.

  2. Ok, reached this from link so I don't know if this'll show up. I comment at Ace 'o Spades as The Atom Bomb of Loving Kindness (Unitarian Jahidi name) if that makes any difference. However, I think that the point that the Nazi's are somehow right wing is completely wrong (honestly, how can this be contested, das Volk as a collective, really, this is obvious). Of all organized religions (Unitarianism being notorious for its lack of organization), Judaism is the most pure in its monotheism and refusal to evangelize. Be sure, I would never convert, liking pig meat, cheeseburgers, and pepperoni pizza as I do; but I have to respect the resilience and devotion to faith that the Jewish people have always preserved. I think that America, beyond all nations, needs to stand besides the Jewish people. That's why these neo-nazi A-holes on the left annoy me. But it is no mistake. Rosa Luxemburg said who hangs a jew hangs a capitalist. Stalin killed many Jews and was ready to kill more. ANYONE who opposed the idea that the state was supreme was going to die under any and all left-wing ideologies; and that includes progressivism (and bugger your spellchecker).

    There's a t-shirt with all of the nations that fought the jews and they don't exist anymore. I'm not stupid. Just sayin' is all.

  3. Anon, thanks for stopping by. I think your point about Nazis NOT being right-wing has been fairly well settled among those who care to take the time to think about it. Even if you were able to button-hole a leftist he/she would not be able to provide any data or platform that supports the left's mantra that those on the right could be called Nazis. Heck, the Nazis even used the word "socialism" in their party name, which, as we all know, those on the left are in love with. Heck, all you have to do a dig just a little to know that many on the left support businesses under the control of the government, whether fully state-controled like the old USSR, or partial state-control like the Nazis in pre-WWII Germany.

    The problem we have with the term Nazi is that it so emotional (as it should be) that people really don't take the time to do their research. The left can fling the term around, trying to make it stick on the right, and often times they are successful, regardless of whether the accusations are completely baseless. It is part of the left's double barrel rhetoric (the other being racist) that they have been able to use successfully over the years. But now that the internet is so widely available and user-friendly, anyone who cares to spend five minutes doing a little research knows the truth. But we have years of public education and main stream media hype to overcome. It will be a slow process, but it has been gaining momentum in the last few years.

    Please stop by anytime and leave your thoughts, it is much appreciated.