Monday, October 10, 2011

Protesters Cry "Gimme Something"

The Occupy Wall Street protests have hit the Seattle area over the last several days. It really is kind of hard to really get a grip on exactly what it is they are protesting but the under current is quite evident.

They call themselves the 99 percent, which I assume they mean they think they represent the 99 percent of all Americans and the 1 percent are the “rich”. Sorry, but I certainly don’t feel like they represent me. I am not a socialist who is bent on tearing down the most wonderful form of government ever devised.

These people really thought they had it made when Barack Obama was elected President and Nancy Pelosi was Speaker of the House. They had a clear Marxist occupying the White House and a nutjob leading the House. Soon everyone was going to be holding hands and singing around the campfire. Just one problem. Obama and his crew don’t really represent the majority of Americans. They soon found this out when the Tea Party was formed and pushed hard during the health care debate.

The one trend that I notice from all the images I see and the words I hear spoken is “gimme”. These people expect someone to give them something. Take a look at the images here from downtown Seattle. These kids holding up these signs expect someone to take care of their college education debt. Plus they expect someone to give them a job, just because.

(Image Source: Seattle PI)

But it is this final image that really says it all for me. While Obama has pushed his jobs bill by saying it is not class warfare, here you have an image of someone who is most likely an Obama supporter (and probably like many Obama supporters) calling for class warfare. To me, this is the undercurrent of the whole protest. These people dream of a socialist utopia. Never mind that no matter how often the socialist agenda has been tried is has been an utter failure (See former Soviet Union and the current European crisis).
(Image Source: Seattle PI)

There are definitely times where I believe that the whole workers unite and socialist agenda really has nothing to do about the people, but more about them. They want power because they think they are so much smarter than you and I. They think that only if we give them absolute power, they can make better decisions that we can on our own. All for the common good.

There is something else I want you to notice when you view these images (here is a second group of photos). Please note how lily white the faces are. For a party (dems) and a movement (progs) who is supposed to be all about the little people and minorities, there are very few minorities in any of these images. I only point this out because of how often they point out there are few minorities within the Tea Party movement. I'd be willing to bet there are more in our movement than are in theirs. But to be honest, I don't think we care all that much because we don't make an issue out of race. If you are white and a tea partier, great; if you are black and a tea partier great; if you are hispanic and a tea partier, great. We all bleed red, white, and blue.

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  1. I don't think the "occupy" people know all this yet....they still want: robin hood...and don't mind violence to get it....very different than the Tea Party....HMM!!!