Monday, October 3, 2011

IS Chris Christie too Fat to be President?

I keep hearing the news that Jew Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in the final processes of a decision on whether or not he is going to throw his hat into the ring for a run at the Republican nomination.

Two thoughts on this.

I don’t want him to run. I have no dog in the fight as whether or not he stays on as NJ governor since I am not from there and have never been there. I do follow him. One of my favorite blogs, TigerHawk, always puts up the latest Christie video, generally where he is telling someone who wants to spend more taxpayer dollars to sit down and be quiet. He is a budget hawk, cutting where cutting needs to happen. Considering where our federal budget sits, he might be a good choice.

But I do have concerns about a couple of significant platforms he supports. First, he is in favor of some form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. While I do think you should never be a one policy or platform voter, this is a biggie. With more than 12 million illegal currently residing in our great nation, granting a blanket amnesty is not something I can support. These people have broken the law do not deserve to be put ahead of folks who have ask for legal status in the proper way. I have also never heard him say exactly how he plans on enforcing our borders to keep illegal immigrants out once the blanket amnesty have been granted.

The second platform that has me concerned is his lack of anything concrete on the 2nd Amendment. Shortly after he was sworn in as governor, he had an opportunity to grant a pardon to a man who was convicted of transporting weapons into Jew Jersey. The sticking point was this guy was moving from Colorado to NJ, bringing his weapons with him. He was not a gun-runner. Christie commuted the sentence, but the dude still has a record.

My other thought on Christie (yes, I can have two thoughts at once) is the way the left wing (aka main stream media) is treating this guy. Recently, a couple of stories broke as to whether or not Christie deserves the nomination because he is overweight. You read that right, there are concerns his weight makes him a less than desirable candidate and folks on the left are locking on to that. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson tells Christie to “eat a salad and take walk.” In his column, Robinson pretty much declares which side of the aisle he supports (big surprise there), but says his advice is “non-partisan.” Not quite. I don’t recall very many left-leaning reporters and columnist taking Obama to task for his smoking.

Michael Kinsley is over the top when he writes:

“Look, I’m sorry, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cannot be president: He is just too fat.” (Source: Bloomberg)

(BTW: Links via Frank Bruni column at the New York Times. This one is also worth a read because he is a liberal basically telling his liberal friends to back off the Christie weight issue. Good for him.)

Disgusting is all I can say about this. For a political body that is always harping on how they are the party of the downtrodden and the little people, this is hypocritical. Maybe they feel they can get away with it because Christie is a Republican and is not so little.

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