Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our Constitutional Scholar -- NOT!

I think to say want is in this video is scary would be understating it a bit. President Obama has instructed members of his staff to…

”scour this report,… identify all those areas which we can act administratively without additional Congressional authorization and just get it done.” (Emphasis: PACNW Righty’s)

So our Constitutional scholar wants to further damage the Constitution by passing legislation without Congressional approval. Isn’t enough that his stormtrooper’s at the EPA have already bypassed Congress when it comes to the Clean Air Act? Hasn’t his DOJ already done enough damage with Fast and Furious and the look the other way stance when it comes to voter fraud and intimidation?  This just boggles the mind. I my memory I don’t think there has been a president who treats the Constitution with such unconcealed contempt.

(h/t and video via: The Blaze)

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