Monday, October 31, 2011

Media After Cain

Does this little piece of news surprise anyone? I’m not talking about the actual issue here. I am referring to the fact that the main stream media trots out 20 year old harassment charges against the GOP frontrunner, Herman Cain. That they can’t substantiate the charges is beyond the point. Anyone want to bet that some democrat operative had this in his hip pocket just in case Cain became the leader of the GOP pack?

According to the report, Cain was accused by two women, employees of the NRA [National Restaurant Association], of repeated inappropriate behavior, including “unwanted sexual advances,” but both women were paid off to leave the association, and to keep quiet. While the sourcing for this reporting is all anonymous, most of the sources bear strong attribution (e.g. “a former board member” versus “a source familiar with…”), and Politico has the names of both women involved, but has withheld them out of respect for their privacy. They also report having seen documentation relating to one of the cases. Journalistically speaking, it’s rock solid reporting. (Source: Mediate)

Of course Mediate would think this is rock sold reporting. Politico and Mediate are birds of a feather when it comes to their leftist leanings on anything political. I also find it interesting that they claim the moral high ground with the “respect for their privacy” line. Anyone think Mediate and/or Politico would trip over themselves plastering the names of any women accusing President Obama of harassment of infidelity? If you really think these guys would offer the same level of privacy protection you should probably work for a democrat campaign or be a reporter.

It is so hypocritical that the lame stream media would bring up these charges, false or not, when the grand old man of their party, good ol’ Bubba Clinton, had numerous accusations against him for the very same thing. Oh sure, the accusations did see the light of day, but the democrat lackeys in the MSM did their absolute best to completely destroy any of the women who came forward. Anyone remember the “white trash” and “trailer trash” labels that were directed at Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones when news of their escapes with Clinton was discovered?

If the news about Herman Cain’s harassment turn out to be true (and I have my doubts), then questions must be answered. I am glad that we conservatives hold our candidates to a higher level of responsibilities. Unlike democrats and progressives, we tend to have a moral compass that actually works. But should this news be enough to derail a promising presidential run? Consider that Clinton had at least three affairs before become president (anyone remember Sally Perdue?) and at least one WHILE president, then a couple of unsubstantiated (so far) harassment charges should not be enough to have an impact on Cain’s campaign.

But it will, the lame stream media will see that this news will have a negative impact.


  1. Ever heard of Judge Bork....

  2. Or Clarence Thomas....

  3. Sure have. I beleive there is term out there now-a-days called "borking" or "to bork" when the media and others basically rake a dude over the coals in the media. Cain is going to get the same treatment.

    BTW: I have been hearing that this story may have broke because of a GOP individual running for president. No names yet, but there are some "candidates". It would be a real shame if a GOPer stooped this low.