Monday, September 26, 2011

Amazon is Hot

If I am not mistaken, Amazon is a fairly large contributor to liberal and progressive causes. They are based nearby in Seattle, so it would stand to reason their policy politics would lean left.

I bring this up because there is a story coming out of Allentown, PA, that does not shine a very positive light on a company that is most likely left-leaning. Supposedly, and by their own admission, the left/progressive/democrats are the party of the working people. Consequently you would think that a company that leans left would also be a company of the “working man”.

In Allentown, Amazon runs a distribution warehouse for the books and CDs they sell on line. This past summer, numerous complaints were filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) by both workers and outside agencies due to several heat-related injuries, some of which required hospitalization. Several workers filed complaints because working conditions were extremely hot, causing some workers to pass out. Even a local hospital noticed the trend and also filed a complaint.

In June, Amazon workers complained about working conditions to federal regulators who monitor workplace safety.

On June 2, a warehouse employee told OSHA the heat index hit 102 degrees in the warehouse and 15 workers had collapsed. The employees also complained that workers who had to go home due to heat symptoms received disciplinary points. (Source: Seattle Times)

Things got so bad that Amazon was forced to hire a paramedic team to be on standby at the warehouse to treat workers overcome by the heat.

To their credit, Amazon did take steps to mitigate the issues, but only after the feds got involved. So much for supporting the “working man.”

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  1. Not saying that they are either guilty or not-guilty, but the temps in DH's garage is WELL over 102 in the middle of the summer. Guess it's just a southern thing. They don't sweat at work...they render!