Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are CBC Member Rasict?

Dennis Prager over at World Net Daily has an interesting article on the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Rep Alan West is a member although likely to quite soon. Rep Waters (go to H-E, double toothpick) and Rep Carson (hang ‘em high) are also members. I’d like to point out that Rep Carson was the Congressman that leveled charges of racism against the Tea Party during the Obama Care debate. He was the one who said that he heard a racist term directed at black congressmen at least 15 times while said congressmen were making their way from the Cannon Building to the Capitol. The charge has never been proven true.

While reading Prager’s piece I learned something new. It appears that while the CBC is free to lob charges of race-based discrimination at anything that moves, especially if it is white or tea-based, they are free from this judgment themselves.

A black member of Congress whose district is largely non-black can be a member of the CBC, but a non-black congressman whose district is largely black cannot be a member. Democratic Rep Steven Cohen, whose Tennessee district is largely black, applied for membership in the CBC and was turned down for one reason: He is white. (Source: World Net Daily)

I find this hypocrisy very telling. On the one hand, we have prime examples of heated un-civil rhetoric, maybe even race-based; being tossed about by members of Congress and hardly anyone calls them on carpet for their language and statements. But a group that is opposed to the liberal waste and spending in DC is smeared with unproven accusations of racism and it continues to be a false talking point for the left to this day.

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