Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Did Tea Party Cheer for Death?

If it turns out that Tea Party members cheered during the debate last night, I really might have to rethink my support. I am going to wait to see if maybe there was a plant in the audience like has occurred in other instances.

We need to enusre that we keep the upper hand when it comes to civility. The left's utter lack of civility is well chronicled here and elsewhere.

As expected, the left is beside themselves with gleeful comdenation. The comments section is absolute must read..

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  1. Both the Left and the Right are in panic mode. Add to it the ever-present crudeness and vulgarity of the 'paul-bots' (aka some of the more rabid followers of Ron Paul) and you have a perfect atmosphere for confusion and finger pointing.

    They all know the game's up as soon as we elect Sarah Palin. And make no mistake, we shall.

    It's cleanup time in this nation, and she's just the person who'll do it, backed by an army of loyal, honest and hard working tax paying Americans....otherwise known and sneered at as We the People.

    This alleged 'cheer for death' is just another false meme, a created non-issue, designed to trash the TEA Party and promote hatred. It's the same distortion and dishonesty we've come to expect from both sides, generated and sustained by a fatally tainted media.

    2012 can't come a moment too soon.

    A. McSp