Monday, September 26, 2011

Calm and Coolness by the Left (Again!)

How can people from the left be so vile yet still think they are better and smarter than folks on the right.

A couple of nights ago, Bristol Palin confronted a man who called her mom “evil”, a “whore”, and Wasilla white trash.”

Video via The Blaze.

I continue to be mystified at just how low the folks on the left will comport themselves all to make a case against people and policies they disagree with. The guy in the video has fallen into the gutter and is trying to drag all of those around him in with him.

If I have any liberal readers, would you please explain to me why people on your side of the aisle cannot separate the person from the policy. It is almost as if someone who has a different set of values is less than human. I am not saying that folks on the right don’t stoop to this level, but the consistency and numerous occasions that it happens cannot be compared.

Can anyone point to reputable source that shows this level of vitriol towards a liberal or progressive politician or public person? Using racist doesn’t count because it is unfounded and untrue. Using Ann Coulter doesn’t count either. She is a satirist and while things she says can be over the top, it isn’t done with the same level of burning hatred displayed by the guy in the video. I think she mostly feels sorry for liberals, she doesn’t hate them.

As for younger Palin’s reaction, I am kind of torn. Should she have engaged this dude? On the one hand, it gave him a platform in which spew his unchecked hatred. He was given a forum and an audience. But I don’t know of very many people who would not stand up to someone if those despicable things were said about their mother.

You will find very little evidence the right engages in this kind of rhetoric, yet people on the left are always saying that Republicans and the Tea Party are filled with hate. This is hate, folks. The level of hate this guy displays is psychotic. It almost seems like he has a screw loose. I have heard the term “Palin derangement syndrome” and this guy displays a classic case of the fever. He is also a coward. I would be willing to bet my next paycheck (it isn’t much) that if Todd had been in the room, the dude would have kept his mouth shut. Real brave fella, going after a young woman. I bet you feel like a really big man now.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t think Sarah Palin would be a good choice for the Republican nomination. While I do happen to think that she would make a good President, the level of hatred towards her would continue to drive a wedge between conservatives and liberals. Just look at the level of loathing directed at George Bush from those on the left. Olbermann named him the worst person of the week on a weekly basis, not just because of any policy Bush might have enacted, but because Olbermann actually hated the man.

After four years of Obama, we need healing, not someone who would be the target of this kind of rhetoric. I actually fear for her and her family’s safety. I have no doubt that some deranged individual from the left would make an attempt on her life.

President Obama was elected partly because he was supposed to be a healer. As long as the left continues to act in the manner displayed by this guy, there will never be healing.

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  1. Oh must have been the Tea Party again...stirring up trouble...HA HA HA...
    Of course, this is what the Left would say...
    sick, sick people out there for sure.....
    And it is getting worse...HMM!!!
    also, just read the Amazon post of your's...
    Again, very interesting....
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