Thursday, September 8, 2011

Out of Reach Sales Goals

The goal is 500,000 by 2013. Based on the current numbers, it ain’t gonna happen.

Nissan Auto has a goal to have sold at least half a million Nissan Leafs annually by the year 2013. I guess that would be by the end of 2013. That gives them 15 months to rack up sales somewhere near 450,000. A remember, that 500,000 is an annual goal.

GM has expressed a similar, although not nearly as lofty, goal. GM’s goal is to sell 10,000 Volts in 2011 and 20,000 in 2012. Based on the current sales pace for 2011, they are going to fall well short of their 10,000. So far GM has sold approximately 3100 Volts (through Aug) and they are averaging about 400 sold each month (Jul and Aug sales numbers are off significantly). To reach the goal of 10,000 GM will have to sell roughly 6,900 units over the next four month. It ain’t gonna happen. They would need to sell over 1,700 Volts each month to reach the goal. That is quadruple the current rate of sales.

While Nissan has buried GM in this head to head competition, they too are not going to reach their goals. Sales of the Leaf would have to exceed 41.5K units per month. So far their best month is June with somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,700 Leafs sold. I know I am comparing this year’s sales numbers with next year’s projections, but something dramatic will have to happen to get sales even remotely close to the 500K projections based on this year’s numbers.

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