Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Few Links for You

Here are a few interesting links to get your blood to boil a little bit.

1. A political appointee in the Labor Department has decided “with a stroke of the pen” that any project, private of public, that is built on federally leased lands is subject to the Davis-Bacon Act. The Davis-Bacon Act stipulates that any public (i.e. federally funded in whole or in part) works contract must pay prevailing wage, which is generally the highest union wage in the local area. As you might guess, this is probably going to create even more uncertainty in the economy. The American Thinker has more here.

2. When was the last time you found a conservative developing a game that targets for death anyone of the opposition party? I can’t seem to come with any examples either. It does appear that if you are a leftist you now have an online game where you can kill zombies made to look like leading Republicans such as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Somehow, this really does seem worse than a Palin campaign ad saying certain districts need to be targeted for a change in leadership. I could be wrong. Nah.

3. Interesting article on how the Obama Presidency has basically pushed one branch of the government to the small table. The writer points our several instances where federal agencies have acted without congressional approval. The egregious agencies are the EPA and NLRB. Both have implemented Obama’s and the progressive plans when Congress saw the wisdom to not act.

4. You really want to see how worthless the guy sitting (Sleeping as I type this) in the White House really is? Click here, read the background, then click on the graphs. Really sobering when you look at it. Obama really doesn’t have a clue when it comes to righting the ship. It almost seems as if, through all of their anti-business policies, that Obama and his administration are actually trying to tear down our economy. Besides the obvious reason to not turn to a European-style socialist economy (slow to no growth, over burdensome regulations, etc.), my fear is that Obama and his crew are so inept that they would actually screw this up too. Can you imagine, someone who wants to implement a socialist economy is too befuddled to actually make it work? Take about a disaster. Scares me just to think about it.

That is all for now. Bed awaits.

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