Thursday, September 1, 2011

Waters Wants to Take Over Banks, Oil

Looks like our favorite kook from California is at it again. I know, the list of kooks from California is quite long, but I really do think she heads up the list.

Maxine Waters, Rep from the once great state of California, is now threatening banks with higher taxation if they don’t bow down to her demands.

(h/t: Glenn Beck)

Isn’t this the same Maxine Waters who may have given preferential treatment during the bailout scrambles to a bank that her husband served as a board member? And isn’t she under some form of Congressional ethics investigation for possibly using her influence to get that bank a bailout?

I really don’t think this socialist is going to be happy until her state has been driven into the ground. After that, then she is going to try and put all businesses under the government control. This video while a bit old, really sums her feelings towards private businesses in this country.

Please note the reaction of the two people on the left side of the screen (her right) after she says “This liberal would be all about socializing, ahh…” It sure looks like to me they cannot believe she actually supports taking over an American business. Just what this nation needs. The government running businesses. You think the price of gas is high right now, wait until the government tries to run it. I think would look back with fondness $10/gallon gasoline.

Come to think about it, this sounds more like what the Nazi’s did in Germany back in the 1930s. I’m just sayin’

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  1. Waters and those two wackos from Atlanta and Fl need to KEEP THEIR STUPID MOUTHS SHUT and listen and see for a change....Hard to do when they shoot off stuff they know nothing about......
    And who are the racists/socialists in America....HMM!!!!!
    My two cents worth.....