Friday, September 16, 2011

Obama for the Middle Class? Not So Much

President Obama and the democrats have always put out the narrative that they are the party of the working man, or middle class while denigrating Republicans as only for the rich. I must say that I do take exception to that kind of talk, especially when that sentiment is not supported in anyway except for the rhetoric.

Let’s take a look at a few “for instances” and see what we can come up with.

Republicans only care about the rich. The other day Rep Henry Waxman said that Jews are starting to move over to the Republicans, not because of Obama’s (and the progressives) fierce opposition to Israel’s right to exist and defend herself, but because they want to protect their wealth. See, Waxman thinks that Republicans are so protective of wealth that they will bury all other classes.

As I was reading that line, I couldn’t help but think that some of the richest men in this country are Obama supporters. Warren Buffet, of Berkshire-Hathaway, has towed the democrat line when it comes to taxes. He has said many times over that he supports an increase in taxes on the wealthy. If that isn’t a democrat platform, I don’t know what is. Steve Jobs, basically the founder of Apple, has many times expressed his support of Obama and his policies. Same thing with Bill Gates. Heck, Gates’ dad was the most visible supporter of an income tax on the wealth her in Washington State.

Middle class job creation remains stagnant and not expected to grow anytime soon. So if Obama is the so-called savior of the middle class, why is he not doing more to create an environment that encourages middle class job growth? Almost everything Obama has said or desires is not favorable for job growth. Higher taxes for Obama care, increased regulations governing environment and safety, strangling any business that is not union, and several other initiatives that have business owners scared to increase production and employees. Even at the local level, the progressives have been acting very anti-business as Seattle has passed an ordinance mandating sick leave for all businesses that operate in Seattle.

Seventy percent of all job growth comes from small to medium sized businesses, the very businesses that are held back by all that Obama and the progressive do. When Obama talks about taxing the affluent or increasing regulations on businesses, owners of those businesses are not willing to increase production, hampering job growth.

When the democrats and their lackeys in the press push the narrative that Republicans are only interested in enriching the wealthy, this is something that should be cheered. When a business owner continues to get richer, they are not doing it in vacuum or all by themselves. They have to have employees to increase production, which increases revenue and profits. As a business owner gets richer, he/she employees more people to build the widgets or whatever. It is plain simple economics that even someone who does not have a degree in Economics (like me) can plainly see.

Job growth has become stagnant for one reason and one reason only: Obama and progressive policies. As long as he occupies the White House, businesses will continue to sit on the sidelines, holding on to their money. And as long as they hold on to their money and not grow jobs, the middle class will continue to suffer.

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