Monday, September 26, 2011

More Peace and Love from the Left

Time and time again the left and their lackeys in the lame stream media have said the rhetoric and actions from the right are violent or promote violence. It is a narrative they keep pounding at that those who don’t care to educate themselves actually believe the right is a violent group of people. Yet they have no proof.

Yet time after time, it is the left that has the market cornered on violence and violent rhetoric. Shall we review?

The Longshoreman’s strike in Longview WA. Gate guards held hostage, equipment destroyed, threats of violence made towards law enforcement, etc. The funniest part of this is that this union was violently protesting against another union.

A union thug attacks a 5’-1” young woman, pushing her. The young woman was being physically assaulted for being part of the “violent” Tea Party. The irony drips.

SEIU thugs attack and beat Kenneth Gladney, a man selling Tea Party materials outside a convention center. The oddest thing about this attack on Gladney, a black man, by progressive, the supposed protectors of the under-privileged, is that he wasn’t even a Tea Party member, but an entrepreneur working hard to make a buck. You should read some of the rhetoric that came out after the beatings. One NAACP leader called Gladney an “Uncle Tom.”

See a good video after the break.
Now comes this (video via The Blaze) In the video the young man who is wearing a Black Panther button on his coat say that if there are any threats to the multi-cultural center he is going “exercise those rights.” He said this after referring to the 2nd Amendment. He claims those were not related comments. Yeah, sure. It is also quite clear that he does not know the difference between the right to bear arms, and the “right” to shoot someone. One is guaranteed by the Constitution, the other is not. I’ll let you figure which is which.

Also, make sure you pay attention to the 2:16 point of the video. A woman, latter identified as the director of the Office of Cultural Diversity, asks “is this a white supremacists group?” and then commented “it sure looks like it.” That kind of vile comment is what makes up the difference between the right and the left. She could have left well enough alone after asking the question, and then gone on about here merry way after the videographer told her it most certainly was not.

In a previous post I asked any of my liberal readers (if there are any) to provide proof on the so-called hatred coming from the right. It can’t be “I know it is there because I feel it” type of proof, which isn’t proof at all. There is documented proof of the vitriol coming from the left as shown here. If the left is all flowers and puppy dogs how come you never hear the leaders on the left telling the people mentioned above (and so many other times) to knock it off? The time has come for the people on the left to put up or shut up.

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  1. maybe the panther guy should watch some of Wayne Perryman's videos(Conservative Black man from the Seattle area) and read what the people of old did for the rights of all, only to be shot down by the demosocialists of old...then maybe he would SHUT-UP and think....great video clip of the stupidity of this country black and white alike....If people only knew the real history and not what is in textbooks slanting LEFT, they would be different....Freedom isn't as free as people seem to think it is....Just saying