Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cantwell to Oppose Alaskan Mining Operation

One of my Senators, Maria Cantwell, is going to try and do her best to keep the economy from growing. Par for the course for a democrat.

As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, she going to ask the EPA to utilize the Clean Air Act as a way to shut down a massive gold and copper mine currently applying for permits to extract these minerals from a region in Southwest Alaska, near Bristol Bay.

If this mine is allowed to open and operate in could create 1000’s of jobs in a region that is constantly searching for ways to improve job creation.

Cantwell’s opposition is mostly due to her fears that this project would have a serious impact on the Bristol Bay salmon fishery. She does have a point as this area is one of the richest salmon areas in the world. But the companies who want to operate the mines, Northern Dynasty Minerals and Anglo American, still have to get permits from 67 different agencies, each with their own special rules for environmental impacts.

At a time when jobs are hard to come by and minerals are becoming increasingly more expensive, it is hard to fathom that a Senator who wishes to remain in office would be opposed to a project that would sure to create jobs by the thousands. Of course, Cantwell doesn’t represent Alaska, so she really isn’t going out on a limb.

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