Sunday, June 19, 2011

Climate People Caught Manipulating Data (Yet Again!)

For all you climate change denier deniers out there, take a look at this. Still think the data for global warmer and man-caused climate change isn’t fixed? The folks that are still pushing this scam to gain control of everything we say and do have a lot of explaining to do. No longer will saying “the data supports the trend” be valid. Cheating, lying, and just plain being wrong have cost the climate changers all of their respectability.

True, the amount added to the sea level data is miniscule, but it all boils down to being truthful. What else are the climate changers fudging? We know NASA manipulated temperature data. Everyone has read or heard about the climate-gate emails. Now screwing around with sea level data. Do these people have any shame? To answer that question all one has to do is look at OwlGore.

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