Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whatever it Takes

By any means necessary, that is mantra of the progressives. These people have absolutely no shame. In what should have been a completely non-political event was turned into one when protesters (protesting who knows what) dressed as zombies interrupted a Special Olympic event. When Wisconsin Governor Walker was giving a speech to the attendees, commending them on their efforts, the protesters first booed him then marched into a position that put them between the Special Olympians and Gov Walker. The video was posted on You Tube by the good folks at the MacIver Institute.

I fully support the right for people to say what they want when they want to even if they are dumber than a box of rocks (dumber than a group of brain dead zombies?). But if you want to make any inroads with Independent voters, this surely was not the way to go about it. All it did was piss me off. Lefties, use a little common sense every once in a while. Yes, you were heard, but what was the cost? While any progressives that might read this blog will think I am a close-minded conservative, the close-minded part is not true. I will listen to you. But not this time on whatever your issue was and most likely never again over the same issue. You picked the wrong group to bring up whatever it was that offended you on this day. Good Grief! The Special Olympics? You people have your heads up your backsides.

The one thing this says to me is that progressives are so narcissistic they can’t even stop thinking about themselves during an event like the Special Olympics. There are certain things that should be completely off-limits to this kind of behavior. The Special Olympics are an event that is tailor-made to not be political. I don't think you could find a person in the USofA that doesn't support the Special Olympics in some fashion, whether it be in spirit or otherwise. I have been a volunteer at a few Special Olympics over the years and I have NEVER heard a politician give a speech that was in anyway political. Gov Walker's was no different than the other five or six I have heard. But those people involved with this protest were so self-centered; all that matter to them was their little protest. I wonder if any of the protesters were aware that the Special Olympics were started by a Kennedy, the darlings of the left. Considering that understanding our history is not a strong suit of the left, I would guess the answer is no.

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  1. Just like the communists at the rep. convention in Chgo. during the nam war.....nothing new under the pathetic...
    And pray for Walker....He is a great man of integrity....