Monday, June 27, 2011

Why Do We Oppose Amnesty

If the liberals and progressives ever wanted to know why there is such strong opposition to illegal immigration amnesty from conservatives the story here tells it all.

Is it any wonder why there are so many of us are so opposed to amnesty? A story like this only reinforces the feeling that these folks really don't have a desire to be American citizens. IF (a really big “if" IMO) those attending the game were, as the author pointed out, "naturalized citizens" (did he card check them all as they came in?), why were they not cheering for their home country side. They are no longer Mexicans, they are Americans. I am of Irish heritage and proud of it and I have been known to root for the "green" on occasion. But I would never root for the Irish over America.

I also have to agree with goalie Tim Howard. He was probably very frustrated with the loss and let his mouth run a little more than he should have. But having the ceremony in Spanish was a little too much. If all of these folks were American citizens, then there was no reason why the ceremony needed to be in Spanish.  After all, don’t we speak English in this country?

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