Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Updates

Weekend Updates

Missed last week. Just much too busy to even sit down at the computer, much less blog.  Here is the previous week’s post and updates (if any)

1. Snowfall Records Continue to Be Set. Not a big fan of the whole global warming/climate change horse-hockey.  I have not really seen anyone try to come out a say these records snowfalls are because of climate change/global warming. Maybe they realize they have played “Chicken Little” a bit too often and are starting to shut up.
-Here is another story about the significant snowpack, this time in the Rockies. Folks along the Missouri River are getting ready to evacuate due to heavy snow runoff cause by deep snows and a late arriving spring.
-Later this year I plan on posting a pro/con article on each of the Republican candidates but I see no reason not to start now. On the con side it seems that everyone’s safe (read: mainstream) candidate, Mitt Romney, is actually a believer in the man-caused global warming fairy tale.

2. House Votes Down Debt Ceiling Increase. This was really nothing more than show, but it does put a good many representatives on record. The tax cheat is due to bug Congress next week about increasing the debt ceiling or else the rood will cave in.  The Republicans are to insist there be significant budget cuts before the ceiling is raised
-On a related note, freshmen Congress-folks are not convinced Geithner or the Obama Administration is serious about tying debt ceiling increase with significant debt reduction strategies. Somebody needs to explain to these newbies these are tax and spend and spend and spend democrats they are referring to. What part of "spend and spend and spend" are they struggling to understand?

3. Pay Cuts for Our Military. No updates on this story, but I am going to follow it closely.

4. More Taxpayer Money for Electric Vehicles. Some Congress-critters want more subsidies for getting the electric vehicle main-streamed despite our very tough economic times and ever-increasing debt.  MORE EV NEWS: seems that some Chevy Volt dealers are using slightly underhanded tactics to keep the tax credit for themselves. The dealers are using the program to keep the tax break money by selling the Volt as used. While not technically illegal or against company policy, it just plain doesn’t look good in my opinion.

5. Socialist and Muslim Brotherhood Working Together. Remember when the so-called “Arab Spring” was breaking out across the Middle East and the mainstream press was calling this a good thing? And Remember when Glenn beck was saying just the opposite? And remember the MSM was calling Beck (and few others) nut jobs and anti-democratic? Well, as this story and the links contained point out, Beck and some of the others might not have been as far off as the MSM would have had you think.

6. Libs Cry Racist Yet Again. A columnist over at The Daily Beast is calling some of the birthers racist because they continue to hang onto their belief Obama is not eligible to be president. I sometimes can’t decide which is worst, folks who hang onto a belief despite overwhelming evidence or people who trot out the overused canard of calling them racist because they have no other means to refute them. –
Speaking of racists, take a little at this short little post over at News Busters.  Make sure you click though the link to the full story. In short; very interesting.

7. Illinois Redraws Map. No, not the borders, although the recent flooding might do it for them.  Redistricting is happening all across the nation as the 2010 census has shifted populations and demographics. Illinois is doing what they can to overturn a voter mandate that democrats stop spending money.

8. Fact Checking Ryan’s Medicare Plan. The democrats have done a very good job of scaring the senior citizen crowd into thinking Medicare is going away. This led to a democrat win in a New York district that is typically Republican. If Republicans can’t overcome the lies, then we are going to lose more seats.

9. Is Environmental Regulation Costing the US Jobs? I have very little doubt that over regulation and the cost of environmental reviews will keep our economy sputtering along for the next few years.

10. Judge Bans Prayer at Texas High School Graduation. Scroll to the bottom of the story that was linked. There are further examples of how the schools are interfering with Free Speech.

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