Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Illegal Immigration End Game?

I have blogged several times about the illegal immigration issues in our country and how the Obama administration is going to try and circumvent the immigration laws (select “illegal immigration” from the Labels column on the left of this site).

It sure looks like the end game is near. Michelle Malkin has the full story. A memo recently released is basically telling ICE agents to go through a series of qualifiers to determine whether an illegal immigrant should be processed for deportation. After reading through the list of qualifiers, it looks like unless the illegal immigrant commits a significant crime, they get to stay. I thought breaking or immigration laws would be considered a significant crime. Not according to the Obama administration.

2012 cannot come soon enough.

Here is my list of things I would do in my first 100 days if elected President (not running and never would even consider it. I’m even less qualified than the dude currently occupying the position).

1. Have Congress end Obama Care
2. Make the Justice department enforce immigration laws and stop the current lawsuit against Arizona.
3. Open up more areas for oil exploration, although I admit I would be tough on the protection of the environment.

Care to add to the list?


  1. 4. line by line review of the federal budget by a group of 20 trusted skinflints.
    5. Line by line review of all EPA regulations enacted since 1990 (see 3 above) looking for excessive oversight
    6. Position by position review of all federal employees. Those that are productive are kept, those that are not are given 6 months to produce or leave (including the military as much as it pains me being a military retiree)
    Anon from Idaho

  2. I can certianly agree with your additions with the exception of the military one. I am also a militart retiree. I think the military has been cut to the bone personnel wise, not sure there is any room for anymore cuts.

  3. While I agree generally with you on the military, I would refer you to this article in the Oregonian from 2009
    Like you, I provided operational support, so I do understand not all can be steely eyed killers, but VIP support goes way beyond jobs that I believe should be provided by military members. Great blog. Keep up the mach.

  4. Ironically, I was there at the same time these guys were in town. Used to drive by the "hotel" almost everyday. I did get to meet a couple of the people who were assigned the duty mentioned in the article. I am also originally from Oregon so it was natural to look them up once I found out they were in town, so to speak. the hotel they worked is quite fancy. All of the USO entertainment slept there. The favorite was when an NFL cheerleader squad would stay there. For some reason, the back decks of the Al Faw palace, which overlooks the hotel, would see heavy traffic when the cheerleaders were out on the hotel patio working on their tans.

    Great link, and it does bring up the point what role does the military play and how best to get the best bang for the taxpayer dollars.

  5. So, PACNW Righty... did you just happen to visit when the cheerleaders were there? Mighty nice of you to stop by when the hometown folks were in town!!
    Idaho Anon

  6. Idaho Anon, Lets just say my timing couldn't have been any better than it was. On thing I must say, I really do give these ladies (and the other USO entertainers) props. They put themselves in danger to come and entertain the troops. The level of appreciation I felt cannot be expressed.