Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For how much longer will people in the lower income bracket going to continue this president? His policies continue to be anti-middle class. His health care bill is going to force many people into the government run health care system at a higher cost than they are paying now. If they don’t wind up on the government rolls, then private insurance will go up as they will be forced to cover procedures not everyone needs. Several companies are already on record as stating they are going to drop employer sponsored health care coverage. This will force those employees into Obama Care (which I think is the progressive’s plan all along).

During the campaign he famously said that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” His Cap and Trade program was designed to force companies to retro-fit their natural gas and coal fired electricity, which would increase generating cost, which would have to passed along to the consumers. Fortunately, the majority in the Senate listened to their constituency, and the bill died a slow death. Well, leave to dictator Obama. Rather than following the constitutionally mandated way of controlling the American people, he decided to use the EPA and act unilaterally. The EPA installed regulations on gas and coal burning plants will begin to take effect over the next few years and will drive up electricity costs an estimated 40-60 percent.

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