Sunday, June 26, 2011

Obama: Unions Above Job Growth (UPDATE)

The Obama Administration continues to pay back their union benefactors. A new set of rules begin proposed by the Department of Labor and NLRB are decidedly anti-business and heavily pro-union.

The Department of Labor (DOL) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) each proposed regulations which many I the employer community believe will make it easier for unions to organize, while harming the ability of workers to make an informed decision to join a union.

The first came on Monday from the DOL’s Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS), which proposed a regulation mandating that anyone giving advice to an employer during a union election must submit a disclosure to the Department.

However, the more controversial regulation was proposed by the NLRB on Tuesday. The proposed rule would shorten the time period between when a union files for a representation election and the time the election is held. The NLRB regulation, known as “quickie elections,” would give unions considerable advantage in organizing by giving management less time to respond to a union campaign. (Source: The Daily Caller)

While the unemployment rate remains above 9%, the Obama administration continues to prove that they know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about how grow jobs. These people are either absolutely brilliant in doing what it takes to ram their progressive agenda down our throats, or they are complete morons.


Looks like the three democrat members on the NLRB, who put together the “quicker elections” proposal, may have jiggered with rules a little bit to avoid input from the sole Republican NLRB member and open meeting rules.

[Peter] Schaumber also accused the NLRB democrats of avoiding public input – as well as the input of their one Republican colleague – while crafting the rule.  He said the three Democrats never met together and communicated through their offices to avoid triggering federal open meeting laws.

“The manner in which the board avoided triggering the Sunshine Act shows to what extent they avoided outside input,” Schaumber said. “Is this the open, transparent, collaborative government we were promised by President Obama?” (Source: The Daily Caller)

Schaumber knows full well why these democrat members didn’t allow the “sunshine” to beam down on this proposed rule. It would have burned like a vampire if it had seen the light of day. If Obama and his group keep this up, his administration is going to join Grant, Harding, and Nixon on the most corrupt President’s list.

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  1. It just seems like Obama will do whatever he can to obstruct job growth.