Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stirring Up A Hornet's Nest

Good grief, I stirred up a hornet’s nest over at Huffington Post. Earlier today I blogged about a blog post over at HuffPro and my subsequent comment. I cannot believe how much trouble I caused. By the end of the day, I had received at least 22 comments on my comment. As you might imagine, given that HuffPro leans left, most of the comments were not terribly favorable.

One commenter said that he always hears from conservatives about how the media is liberal but no one ever provides proof. So I provided it to him although the 250 word limit did cut back on how much proof I could provide to him.  Here is my response.

“So you would like a little proof? How about when Rather completely fabricated the Bush story a few years back? Or how about when Sawyer called Rand Paul a “fringe candidate” right to his face? How about ANYTHING written by the press (other than Fox) about Palin? What about the fact the over 85% of the main stream media votes democrat? Or that the editorial panel of the NY times favors liberal 10 to 1. Or the fact the main stream media won’t report the shooter at Fort Hood last year, and the dude found in front of the Pentagon two days ago were muslim. Or that NBC “forgot” part of the pledge of allegiance­. The NY Times blasting Romney for his “I’m unemployed­” remark while completely skipping Obama’s “not shovel ready” comment. Or how about when the media almost completely ignored when Maxine Waters and Maurice Hinchley called for government takeover of the US oil industry? The media has ignored the controvers­ies surroundin­g “climate-g­ate” and other instances of data fudging (or blatant lies) until the conservati­ve blogospher­e and Fox News has forced them into coverage. And let’s not forget the media would “recoil in horror” if Palin were elected.

Do I need to do more? One last point, just because you agree with the cover tilt from all the alphabet media outlets doesn’t mean they aren’t biased. I don’t believe I have said Fox News wasn’t biased, but I am at least aware they tilt to the right.”

It did not take long for him to respond back:

People report on Palin because they know stories about her get viewers, so of course they would. That is simply a smart business practice.

NY Times? I apologize, when I said MSM I was thinking of cable news. I couldn't care less what a news paper reports.

As for fort hood, i found articles on fort hood from abc, nbc, cnn, msnbc, and fox. So they obviously DID report on it, don't lie. I also found clips from coverage from those stations about fort hood on youtube. Try doing some research before making a claim.

The pledge from NBC was obviously not intentiona­l because they would not logically alienate all religious people, considerin­g they are a corporatio­n so their main priority is money. Do you always see conspiraci­es in every corner?

Is the MSM sensationa­list? Of course. Liberal? Hardly. Progressiv­e? Not even close.

Next time, try to actually explain how they are "insert adjective about left leaning ideology here".

I would like to ask if the media’s near immediate blame of Palin for the Arizona Tragedy is a good business practice. Not sure why he doesn’t care about the “newspaper of record”. What he failed to mention is that many of those stories were late in coming to the obvious conclusion the Fort Hood shooter was a muslim. NBC skipping one line in the pledge an honest mistake, not likely when you consider the source. As I pointed out to him earlier, just because you agree with their point of view doesn’t mean the point of view doesn’t lean left.

Oh boy, did I have some fun today.

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