Sunday, June 26, 2011

Government Wants to Control Your Food

This story might be worth your time. Nanny government is soon to bring about regulating what you can eat. The program is supposedly designed to help with health care costs. Since the democrats have a goal in mind of a single-payer government run health care system, I guess they think the next logical step is to invade your home and kitchen.

The federal government has a growing interest in the eating habits of Americans for the same reason it has an interest I tobacco consumption, said Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The reason is money, because three-quarters of medical-spending is driven by chronic diseases, such as obesity and tobacco-related diseases, she said. (Source: The Daily Caller)

Will the progressive’s attempts to take over our lives ever end? 2012 will tell.

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  1. The Food Modernization Act is being implemented because we don't know what good for ourselves. God forbid we plant a garden. The food police will come and tell us what we can and can't grow, how to grow it, how much, what pesticides to use, etc. It is already happening here in central WA state. In the Wenatchee valley, fruit growers have pages and pages of new regulations and forms to fill out to keep track of everything they do. They have had to modify all sorts of things and food in markets will have to go through a food safety audit. Here's the article:

    Sorry, I don't know how to embed links, so I just cut and pasted the link. Anyway, it is scary! And what about local farmer's markets? I am sick and tired of our gov't telling us what to do and implementing restrictions under the guise of safety for our own good. I'm a rebel. I can food that that the USDA says I shouldn't, but I don't care and no one has ever gotten sick off of anything I have canned. Funny that the gov't contacted places like Mountain House dried foods (among others) and queried them about how much food they had, and then purchased huge quantities of their food, leaving dealers without food to sell to customers.