Monday, June 27, 2011

TSA Does It Again

In an effort appease, the Transportation Security Administration is going to great lengths to avoid profiling those people who are determined to do us harm (young, male, muslim). The latest fiasco involved a 95 year old wheelchair-bound woman who is dying of leukemia. During the search, the TSA requested the woman’s daughter remove the elderly woman’s adult diaper so the search could be more thorough.

I do understand the need for TSA to be sure to spread out to whom they search invasively. But I really so think that nearly strip searching a 5 year old kid and 95 year old great grandmother might be taking this a little too far. Yes, TSA needs to be sure the enemy doesn’t try to exploit weak areas in their search patterns. But when was the last time a muslim terrorist group used a 95 year old white woman to blow up a plane? And despite these efforts, muslim men continue to board planes and make attempts to blow them out of the sky.

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