Monday, June 6, 2011

HR 909, Seems Like a Good Plan

A bill currently under discussion in the House is HR909 titled A Roadmap for America’s Energy Future .  This contains provisions for expanding oil exploration offshore and in areas previously denied to oil drilling such as ANWR. Also part of this bill is continued development of the Nuclear Industry and development of alternatives forms of energy production.

The following are issues that are currently under discussion:

1. The potential for increased domestic oil production

2. The role of the federal government in the development of oil shale and coal to liquids

3. The prospects for new nuclear power, and the means of addressing the economic, safety, and technological challenges facing both new generation and waste storage.

4. The merits of using additional federal revenues from conventional energy production to fund renewable electricity generation.

5. The means of structuring a system of reverse auctions to foster development o cost-effective sources of renewable electricity generation. (Source: House Energy Commerce Committee)
How come it always seems like the Republicans come up with ideas that are both cost effective and doable. I really like the idea of using tax funds and drill leases to fund research and development of renewable generation systems. We really do need to face facts, oil and natural gas really are not renewable and we do need to consider the transition to renewable source of energy generation. What better way to do it than using oil lease funds. Seems kind of symbiotic to me.

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