Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wiener Finally Tells the Truth. UPDATE: 7 Jun 0851 PST

Well, the Wiener-man finally admitted what most of us already suspected: he was having an online affair. For the past week, since the news broke about the photos, Rep Wiener has basically lied to the American people, and more importantly, those he represents in New York City.

First he claimed that a hacker must have cracked his twitter account but refused to go to the FBI (Red Flag!!!).  Then he said he might have sent the photo but wasn’t sure it was him (Um, are we stupid?). Then he tried to get the compliant media to further protect him by making might of the situation by cracking off-color jokes (Dems can crack jokes like that in front or female reports, but not Republicans).  Then Twitter and T-Frog both came out and said their databases and firewalls were fine and had not been cracked.  That is when the walls came tumbling down on Wiener’s head.

What do you think his chances are at getting reelected? He has already said that he is not stepping down. Do you think the voters in NYC will reject him for his failing moral standards? I am going to go out on limb here and say that his supporters will vote him in once again. Wiener is a liberal and his constituency is liberal and they really have no moral fiber. Republicans tend to hold their elected officials to higher standards. It is not often that a Republican politician remains in active status. Most are forced to resign by the bad publicity generated by the progressive media elites (You know, those paragons of virtue) and by their fellow Republicans.  While democrats may have forced Wiener to come clean, they aren’t forcing him to resign and I haven’t yet seen a progressive media personality call for him to step down.  UPDATE: Ed Schultz of MSNBC has called for Wiener's resignation. Knock me over with a feather.

A Republican would be sent packing, not only by the media, but by the voters. Newt Gingrich is a great example. He was Speaker of House and the leader of the Contract With America crowd that blunted much of Clinton’s progressive agenda. But he got caught cheating on his wife and was not reelected. I know some will point out that he is running for President and this does pose an interesting situation. If there is one thing American are good at it is giving the fallen a second chance. But I think if you look closely at the polls, Gingrich is really not doing all that well. Part of the reason is his moral compass might be a little like Capt Jack Sparrow’s.

While we are talking about Gingrich and his run for office, I like for my readers to take a moment and think about this. While holding public office one politician was forced out of office for having an affair while another maintained his popularity and his position. One politician was nearly banished to the political hinterlands, almost never to be heard from again while the other has become the grand old man and elder statesman of his party.  When one decided to come in from the cold and start discussions about running for President, the press drug out the old stories about his infidelities, while the other hardly ever has to address the issue even though he is a MAJOR player in politics. Still don’t think there is a double standard in the media? Unbury your head from the sand.


  1. The one Republican that slipped through the cracks was Larry Craig after his little trist with the cop in the twin cities airport bathroom. I lost a ton of respect for the Republican leaders in Idaho after they allowed him to indicate he was resigning and then staying until retirement. Larry Craig was a great legislator for the NorthWest before his arrest... a liability afterwards. Great blog Righty. Read it every day.
    Anon in Boise

  2. Anon in Boise, Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it. As for Craig, you are correct. But we did hold him accoutable. He would have run if not for the scandal and the fact the GOP leadership told him to go pound sand when he was waffling on retirement.