Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Wiener Photos Appear

Will this photo finally force Rep Anthony Wiener to resign? For anyone not living under a rock, the story trace is well known so I won’t rehash here. What makes this photo interesting is that it looks to have been taken in the House Gym, which adds a whole new dimension to the scandal.

The pressure is mounting for him to step down after the gym photos showed up. The photos shown at TMZ at cellphone photos, one with a towel around his mid section.

In a potential career-ending twist, they also appear to have been taken in the House of Representatives gymnasium, said the report, which suggested this could be the final straw that forces his resignation.

After lying point-blank about his x-rater Internet liaisons for days, even suggesting that hackers had infiltrated hi Twitter account, Wiener called a nationally televised press conference on Monday and made a tearful admission.

He said he had been sending pictures online and sexting with six women, but refused to stand down as a New York congressman, saying he had not met any of the women, not had he had a physical relationship outside his marriage.

By Friday, it appeared that the congressman may have weathered the worst of the storm uyt it then emerged that had been exchanging private messages, again through the micro-blogging site Twitter, with a 17-year-old girl. (Source: Yahoo News)

Both his democrat colleagues and Republicans have been calling for him to step down.  I agree. I really doesn’t have much to do with the back and forth with the pictures (although I question his morals), but has more to do with the lying straight to our faces. He can no longer be trusted.

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