Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Government Stupidity In Oregon

Here are a couple of “big government” issues happening down the road in Oregon.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has OK’d funds (taxpayer money) to pay for Portland city employees to get sex change operations.

Portland Mayor Sam Adams wants city benefits to include sex-reassignment surgery, saying they should match the city’s policy against gender discrimination.

“I think it’s fair, and it’s common sense,” Adams said in an interview Monday before leaving for weeklong trip to Brazil for city business.

“This is basic, medically necessary health care,” said Jeana Frazzini, executive director of Basic Rights Oregon, a gay rights and gender-identity advocacy group. (Source: The Oregonian)

Hmm, a “basic, medically necessary health care.” I would sure like to see a like bit of proof that changing one’s sex is medically necessary. A man wanting to be a woman is not like having cancer or a broken leg. If someone wants to have this procedure done, then they should be responsible for it. There are those who would argue that pregnancy is not medically necessary: you get pregnant by choice. True enough, but I think if you asked most people, covering this as a part of medical insurance is a no-brainer. But electing to get your private bits changed around is not something that most people (IMO) should support having taxpayer money cover.

Title IX has always been a bone of contention for me. This law basically states that there must be as much opportunity for school-age girls to participate in sports as for the boys. Over the years of its implementation, many schools (high school and college) have had to cut sports for boys to start programs for girls. Often times, the sports cut is done unilaterally, boys get cut but no girls program developed, just to get the number of participants balanced.

Recently, a suit was filed against Oregon high schools that had an imbalance of the number of girls vs. the number of boys playing sports.

Sixty Oregon school districts have been named in a complaint filed with the US Office of Civil Rights for allegedly failing to provide high school girls with equal opportunities as boys to play sports, a violation of Title IX.

Using 2006 data, the complaint lists the schools from largest to smallest in disparity, which is the difference between the percentage of girls who are athletes compared to the percentage of overall female student. About 30 schools top the list with double-digit percentage-point gaps in the number of girl athletes to girl students, according to the complaint. (Source: The Oregonian)

A couple of points here to make. The first one is that football should be thrown out of the equation. This really tips the scales due to the high number of boys who play football. Girls very rarely play football, and there is no corresponding sport with the same level of required participants needed to field a team.

Secondly, girls don’t play sports as much as guys do, it is a simple fact that these government busy-bodies never seem to acknowledge. This is not to say girls don’t play; they do, and in increasing numbers. But boys always have and always will view sports as a part of moving into manhood.

BTW: I could do a whole nother post on the wussification of America by these do-gooder busy-bodies. They spend a lot of time trying to fight nature. Boys are going to act like men, whether these femi-nazi want them to or not.

Way back when I was a kid, my mother, who was at the leading edge of the whole feminist movement, tried with all her might to keep me from playing sports. But participating in athletics was a natural as using the restroom. So I sneaked around. I would tell her I was studying. When I’d get caught, it would really be too late to have me quite. She’d tell me to stop sneaking around, but I would listen, then I’d get in trouble all over again. As I got into high school, she finally relented, but she never really took any sort of interest. She thought sports were barbaric and unenlightened.

Fortunately, the woman I married has a different view on boys and sports. She doesn’t care to watch them on TV and is not a fan of any sort. Except when her boys are playing. Then she is quite rabid.

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  1. “This is basic, medically necessary health care,” said Jeana Frazzini. Well, this comment is ludicrous. Basic means underlying, forming a base and fundamental. Medically necessary is to be reasonable, necessary, and/or appropriate, based on evidence-based clinical standards of care. Health care is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans, according to Wikpedia. I don't believe that mutilating the genitalia of people is considered reasonable mental health treatment for "mental impairments."

    Title IX was challenged at our High School. The 2 sports that boys participate in that girls don't are football and wrestling, while bowling was added for girls in addition to volleyball and swimming.