Friday, July 22, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter, GOP Candidate

A new individual has entered into the GOP nomination fray. His name is Thaddeus McCotter. Yes, it is an unusual name. But he bears watching.

I have been in conversation with a fellow blogger who really likes this guy and we have exchanged thoughts on the various candidates. My blogger friend really seems to like McCotter. As an individual who has yet to make up his mind as to the candidate that I plan on supporting, I do try to keep myself educated. So I have done a little digging. By and large, I do like many of his policies. However, he does have one tripping point that kind of bugs me. He is a pro-union guy. On the other hand, considering that many of the folks that he represents work in the auto industry, it is quite understandable why he votes the way he does.

I know that I have blogged many times railing against the unions. I do need to clarify something. I am not necessarily anti-union. As I have pointed out several times, the unions had their time and place and they were a driving force that built the middle class in America. Where I have the problem is that the leadership within the unions have become socialist in nature and are more focused on social agendas than they are on the workers (union members). It seems they are no longer focused on worker safety and compensation, but more so on how to drive a business into the ground.

McCotter’s stance on the unions does seem to be focused on the workers, and not on doing the bidding of the union leaders.  The writer of the linked story points out that he has a “Get out of jail free” card where he gives the candidate a pass on one platform. You might give a candidate a pass on his/her stance on abortion, or healthcare, or social issues. The writer gives his pass to McCotter on the union stance. I have to agree since a lot of his other platforms are line up with my beliefs.

I am not endorsing McCotter; I have yet to decide which candidate I will back. I will have to admit that I am looking for anyone besides Romney. I will vote for Romney if he is the GOP nominee, but I would prefer someone who doesn’t have as much wish-wash in his background. Besides, I don’t think my little blog and my endorsement will amount to a hill of beans. But I do recommend that you look into this guy and give me your thoughts.

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