Monday, July 25, 2011

NFL Star Reads Beck; His Fans Probably Not

File this under whadda know. It seems that a highly regarded NFL wide receiver has purchased Glenn Beck’s book Broke. After buying the book, Chad Ochcinco had the “gall” to tweet about it (BTW: there are many who translate gall to a better word; brave):

“Does anyone know if Glenn Beck has a twitter account?Starting on his new book #BROKE His views on political n economical issues are #EPIC” (Source: The Blaze)

Turns out, some of his fans don’t want old Chad to educate himself. There were several tweets that indicated their displeasure with the guy for trying to understand.

Twitter user DrDeeps was among the first, writing: “Just lost a lot of respect for you for being F**king beck fan. Idiot.” (Source: The Blaze)

Another wrote:

“unfollowing after two years because you’re a Beck fan. Disgraful and disappointing..” (Source: The Blaze)

Ya just gotta love the tolerant and understand nature of those on the left. Always ready to give somebody the benefit of the doubt and to support those who wise to gain insight. Yep, real classy leftists.

Anyone want to wager that those that tweeted Ochocinco have never read a Beck (or conservative book for that matter) in their lives? How about watching the show, other than the highly edited and picked clips from Media Matter for America? In my dealings with liberals, I have found a very interesting trend. Most of the people I have these discussions with, whether it is about Beck, O’Reilly, or other conservative hosts, have never actually watched a program. I remember a couple of years back, I was visiting my mom and dad, and mom is a dyed in the wool liberal. When I brought up the subject of Bill O’Reilly, she nearly came unglued. That is, until she actually watched the program over a couple of nights. After watching two nights worth of O’Reilly and Hannity, she actually had to agree that they were not the demon spawn she had be told. She still didn’t agree with a lot of what they said, but came away with a new found respect.

How about you people who are bagging on Ochocinco do the same dang thing. Stop trashing what you have no knowledge of. What are you afraid of? Are you scared they are going to shatter all your hard-wired beliefs?

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