Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seattle Sick Days Policy, An Update

In the later years of my time in the Air Force, one of my leadership traits was to get people to solve their own problems. I’m not talking about personal issues here; I am referring to operational problems. When someone came to me with an operational issue that needed a fix, one of my requirements was for them to bring a solution to the problem. Sometimes the solution was great sometimes, not so much. And many times, they would bring to me: “Hey Super (short for Superintendent), we had this problem, and here is how we are going to fix it. What do you think?” This solved tow things for me. I could devote more time to actually running the Squadron and the people who worked for me would gain experience with problem-solving. A good Non-Commissioned Officer always worked at making themselves irrelevant.

I make this point because a reader (Carolyn) posted a comment to my Seattle City Council post that made me think. Here I was complaining about the Seattle City Council’s actions, but didn’t provide an alternative. I think from now on, this will be a goal for my posts. Some will be good and well-thought out, others, not so much. But I am going to try.

I agree with the commenter, up to a point. Do I think Seattle should mandate sick days? NO!  But I do happen to know that there will be businesses that won't provide this in any form. Life does happen. But the City Council's action is like a sledgehammer when only a tinker's hammer is needed.

Rather than mandate by ordinance, the council could pass a resolution that it might be a good idea for Seattle Area businesses to offer their employees sick days.. Then follow that up with an award or recognition from the City to a business that voluntarily provides employees with sick days as a "Seattle Recognized Preferred Business" or “A Seattle Choice Business”. Then people could decide for themselves if they want to patronize a business that provides sick days for the employees. The Progressives get what they want, and a business owners do what they do best, which is make business decisions that are best for THEIR business.

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