Friday, July 1, 2011

Military Appreciation

If you have an appreciation for the men and women who serve this great nation there is link to an absolutely awesome video over at Rural Revolution.

Come back after viewing.

I did 27+ years in the Air Force with eight deployments around the world, including four to the Middle East. During my tours, any feelings of fear that I had were not so much that I would die (that would suck), but more for how would my family carry on. Would my boys grow up to be strong and behave like men? Would my wife always remember me, even if she moved on? Would my parents still be proud of my decision so many years ago? Would my nation take a just a moment away from their bar-b-q and beer to remember me and my fellow comrades on that last Monday in May?

The video is rather timely also. Right now, the Sec of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is floating the idea of reducing military pay and benefits. Hard figures have not yet been released, although I am sure they are out there. What a lousy time to be discussing this. We are currently involved in three shooting wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya). While our all volunteer military is spending time in some of the most hostile regions on earth, the politicians are trying to figure out ways to save taxpayer dollars to keep thee hoochy-welfare momma in cell phones and cable TV.

I agree with many who say we are well compensated. My life in the military was very comfortable, especially in the latter half as I started to increase in rank (and pay). My retirement pay is adequate, although I cannot live on it. My health care is decent and for the most part, I don’t have to pay a whole lot for health care services. Consider this though: I spent a total of almost five years away from my family, most of the that time in regions of the world where people were very determined to kill any American, especially those in uniform. So, outside of Police, Fire and Rescue, and Border Patrol, who puts their life on the line each and every day? Certainly not teachers. Certainly not the government office worker. Certainly not the politician. And most certainly not the people receiving government welfare checks.

I hope this video can make the rounds over in the Middle East, those guys and gals need it.


  1. I was in in high school during part of the conflict in Nam..When I started college in
    Stevens Point, Wis., the town I lived in, all the SDS people were there....hated this country and hated the military.....the Rep. convention was in Chicago...not a pretty sight with the communist thugs helping to get people to riot...later, I watched as the men coming back from Nam, come off the planes and had people throwing things at them and spitting at them....Very sad time...had friends die in one cared back then....While living in Appleton, WI., when we had younger children, the traveling wall came for a showing in City Park...MANY retired military people were there silently crying....a dear friend started his healing there....Then living in Pensacola, Fl. we went to the Wall Replica...Cold black granite and still people weeping...myself included as I found my friends' names there...WAR IS HELL, but the men and now women that are the ones who put their lives on the line for all the ungrateful haters of what they do, still should be granted the honor and respect they deserve. So, dear friend: when I see a military person, I go out of my way to talk to them and either shake a hand or hug them and say THANK YOU for your service to keeping me out of harm's way. The looks on their faces say it all...And, the old guys get tears in their eyes.....Rob, Thanks for your service...I, for one will not forget what the men and women who are serving or have served did for the people around the globe in trying to bring freedom to them....
    Have a Blessed 4th. of JULY weekend...
    God Bless,
    Sandy in NC

  2. Sandy, thank you for pouring out a little of your heart here. I am very aware there are people out there who truly do appreciate the men and women who serve. to those people, all of us give thanks that cannot be expressed with mere words. as for the rest, hopefully, someday they will see.

  3. Rob,
    Thank you for your service and dedication to our country. I know there are many ungrateful people out there, but it seems to me that the ungrateful people are the ones who seek entitlements and more government control. It has been our leadership and military that has helped keep the destruction of communism out of this country, but sadly, now our elected officials are hell bent on creating a communist world. They are starting by weakening the U.S., and now they are scaling back our military, at the same time encouraging the destruction of Israel. I am saddened by man's self destruction.