Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Media Enables Global Warming Hysteria Narrative

We all know that the whole global warming/climate change scam is for one purpose and one purpose only; to gain control over how you heat and cool your home, what kind of vehicle you drive, and how you spend the money that you earn (higher taxes). This will be achieved through a series of laws and regulations that will completely stifle the economy and make the government even more intrusive in our lives.

We also know that the lame stream media is completely culpable in this scam. They have continuously feed us lies and distortions of the truth to further the leftist agenda of more control through these global warming regulations and laws. The recent coverage of the US heat wave is just a small example.

They touted OwlGore as a seer of climate knowledge when in fact his movie, An Inconvenient Truth was so filled with false information that the courts in England made them release a disclaimer when showing the movie. Plus the Science and Public Policy Institute released a report that showed as many as 35 errors in the movie. Did the media jump all over these inaccuracies? Of course not; and they even let Gore try (in vain I might add) to refute the errors.

The Mann Hockey stick temperature graph was an oft-quoted and highly recognized piece of global warming propaganda used by the global warming crowd as irrefutable evidence that the world was warmer today than any period over the last 2,000 years. There was only one problem; the builder of the graph might have fudged the data to hide a medieval warming period. When “Climategate” broke, the hockey graph was history, as well as the credibility of the folks who were responsible for the data manipulation. Where was the lame stream media when it was discovered the graph had false data? I think they might have been watching the Olympics.

The media silence was deafening when it was discovered that NASA (A noted Global Warming supporter) had used a faulty correction algorithm on the temperatures between 2000 and 2006. This really upset the whole global warming narrative apple cart. One of the favorite talking points of the left was that nine of the warmest years have occurred since 1995. Once NASA was pretty much forced to recalculate the corrections, turns out that four of the hottest years actually occurred during the 1930. One must note that 1930s are at the beginning of the hockey stick graph and the correct data was not used in the graph.

Well the media is at it again. It has been a hot summer for most of the US outside the PACNW. According to the media, it has been a record breaking year. Technically speaking, they are correct, temperatures have been broken. But listening to hysteria surround these record breaking temperatures, you’d think records would be falling left and right. Not so. Statistically speaking, very few high temperature records have actually fallen during the recent heat wave. So few temperature records have actually been broken that the heat wave is statistically insignificant.

I know, if you are suffering through the heat, it is not insignificant to you. And there has been tragedy as more than two dozen have perished due to the heat. But heat waves across the Midwest are not uncommon. I lived in Omaha, NE for nine summers during the 1990's and don’t recall a year where temps didn’t soar into the upper 90’s for weeks at a time. It was oppressive and I hated it. I couldn’t wait for fall and looked at the upcoming summers with dread.

As an added note, this has been the best snowfall season in 21 years for Australia.

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